1. How does The Courier Company work?

    The Courier Company provides an excellent delivery solution from you placing an order to the final delivery to your customer at the best and lowest shipping rates from our top-notch courier company. With just few clicks on your electronic device, the courier will pick up your parcel from your home or workplace and deliver it for you. All orders are processed automatically with The Courier Companies website.

  2. How do I book an Order?

    Step 1 – Log in to your account
    Step 2 – Enter your Collection Area and Delivery Area click quote and book
    Step 3 – Enter additional info on the quote page
    Step 4 – Confirm your Booking
    Step 5 – Choose your delivery service
    Step 6 – Confirm your payment and enter your credit card credentials
    Step 7 – Once order is confirmed, click on the "Print Waybill"
    Well done! – You may now check your email for your booking confirmation and waybill

  3. Do I have to book online? Can I place my booking over the telephone?

    All bookings must be made online.

  4. Do I need an Account before I book?

    You have the option to book even without having an account. However, you are recommended to register for an account with us before you book. It's very easy for you to register an account with us, it takes no time at all. The best part is, it's FREE!

  5. How do I contact you?

    The Courier Company is an Internet based company. If you have questions, you may refer to our FAQ or you may call us at +27 11 3375503 or e-mail us at info@thecouriercompany.co.za

  6. Do I have to pack the parcel myself?

    Yes, all items must be well packed to prevent unwanted damages.

  7. How do I determine the weight of my parcel?

    Parcel's weight can be calculated by actual weight or volumetric weight. Actual weight is the weight of the parcel in kilogram(kg). Volumetric weight is calculated based on both weight and dimension. The volumetric weight of your parcel may be greater than the actual weight itself.

  8. How do I calculate the volumetric weight of my parcel?

    You may calculate the volumetric weight of your parcel based on the fomula below:
    Volumetric weight (kg) = [Length in cm x Width in cm x Height in cm] / 5000